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Hi there, thanks for stopping by!  I’m Courtney, a former professional pastry chef turned Type 1 Diabetic. Bake It Keto is where I create and share low carb and keto-friendly versions of my favorite recipes.

Since you found your way to Bake It Keto, you might be:

  • New to the keto or low carb way of eating and not sure how to stick with it.
  • Looking for delicious, tried and true keto and low carb recipes you will absolutely love.
  • Wondering how the heck to turn a carby, sugary recipe you loved in your pre-keto days into a low carb dish you can enjoy now.

I know how it feels when you want to enjoy delicious, seasonal treats just like everyone around you. Hey, I love treats as much as the next gal! But I’m not willing to sacrifice my health to sugary cheats. That stuff makes my body and mind feel awful. Maybe that’s you, too.  If so, welcome!

We’re going to turn you into a crackerjack low carb baker.  Even if you’ve only experienced keto baking Pinterest fails in the past!

On Bake It Keto you’ll find delicious keto friendly and low carb recipes that have been keto-fied by a former pro pastry chef (that’s me!). But I don’t just stop there.  I also share all the little baking and cooking secrets that I’ve learned along the way.

Now let’s get baking!

PS – Do you have a high carb recipe that you wish you could magically turn into a delicious keto win? I’m always looking for new inspiration, so please email me at hello@bakeitketo.com and I will do my best to help!